Photographs of Gingezel Fabric

A Fabric Photo Sampler From Our Various Collections
Every design we have at Spoonflower has been test printed. Don is the photographer who makes our fabric look great for the website. There are way too many to post on the website, but here is a sampler. Click on an image to enlarge the view.
Beige Blue Tiles Gingezel Fabric.jpg

Beige Standard Collection

Stack of Plum Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Perfect in Plum Collection

Stack of Summer Heat Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Summer Heat Collection

Gray Geometric Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Limestone Hills Collection

Stack of Blue Green Fabric.jpg

Blue Green Reflections Collection

Berry Fractal Plaid gingezel.jpg

Berry Garden Collection

Stack of Brown Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Brown Classics Collection

Ocean Villa Accent Pillow Gingezel.jpg

Accent Pillow Ocean Villa

Pink Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Inspired by Spring Collection

Sci Fi fabric Gingezel.jpg

Science Fiction Fabric

Black White Circles Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Black Plus Collection

Orange Tone Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Hardwood Hill plus Lichen coordinates

Navy and Red Floral Gingezel.jpg

Navy Blue Moods Collection

Garden Window Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Garden Window Collection

Blue Geometric Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Blue Moods Collection

Ocean Villa Beige fabric Gingezel.jpg

Ocean Villa Collection

Brown Geometric Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Ocean Villa Collection

Cozy Collection Fabric Stack Gingezel.jpg

Cozy Collection

Ocean Villa Curtains Gingezel.jpg

Curtains We Made

Ocean Villa Fabric Stack Blues Gingezl.jpg

Ocean Villa Collection

Geranium Red Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Geranium Red Collection

Fabric Don's Collection Gingezel.jpg

Don's Collection

Lina's Garden Tablecloth Gingezel.jpg

Lina's Garden Collection

Hardwood Hill Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Hardwood Hill Collection

Gingezel Urbane Grids Fabric.jpg

Urbane Grids Collection

Gingezel Aqua quilted fish .jpg

Blue Green Reflections Collection

Wine and Chocolates Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Wine and Chocolates Collection

Garden Window Pillow.jpg

Garden Window Pillow

Grey Zones Fabric Gingezel.jpg

Gray Zones Collection

Fabric Test Print Gingezl.jpg

Fabric Test Print

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