Share the Joy of Creating Beauty!

Gingezel designs are elegant, sophisticated, timeless. We are inspired by the synergy between mathematics and nature and are constantly exploring the beauty of both. The designs are created to help you express your personal taste in fashion and decor.

We started out having fun putting a few of our generative art patterns at Spoonflower. We now have over 1800 designs carefully curated into collections. Spoonflower has grown too. They now have an amazing range of fabrics. They have added wallpaper, home decor, and recently masks.

A stack of Gingezel blue fabric.

Brown Windowpane style bedding from Don's collection at Gingezel Roostery.

Green fractal bubble curtains by Gingezel at Roostery
black and white tileed table linens by Gingezel at Roostery

Giftwrap by Gingezel. Available at Spoonflower
Promo decor images compliments of Roostery.

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