Blue fabric is my favorite too!

Every so often I find some study that says blue is everyone's favorite color. Then I spend time wondering why? Is it because we love blue skies and blue water? Is it something physiological in the human eye? Or is it simply that so many of us look good when we wear blue, and that bringing blue into our homes provides a refreshing touch of color?

Then I start handling blue fabric and forget about analysis and 'whys'. To my eye it is simply beautiful. The good light has been continuing and we have been photographing blue fabric. The photos will be showing up in the Blue Moods Fabric Collection over the next few days. My favorite is whatever I am handling, an intricate blue geometric fabric, a retro dot, a richly shaded stripe ~ Judi
Stack of fabric from the Gingezel Blue Moods Collection

Blue geometric fabric from the Gingezel Blue Moods Fabric Collection