Wallpaper and Decals

The wallpaper is high quality gloss, and the colors print very vibrant. When we started designing wallpaper, we went for designs that could be used on a large area without overwhelming a room. Then we realized that a lot of people were looking for a small accent area, and much more vibrant design. So we started allowing for that.

The wall decals are an interesting product. The texture is definitely fabric, they print like fabric, are totally odor free, and peel off and restick well. We have experimented - we have had one outside fully exposed to sun and weather for over a year and it is holding up. We have both patterns and some pieces of art as decals. At the moment we have 296 wall decals.

A practical note. Please swatch. These media all print differently. And you will be much happier coordinating a room with related fabric rather than trying for a match that probably won't happen (how close it is would depend on what fabric you choose). Also, our pattern scale differs, sometimes slightly sometimes significantly, between fabric, wallpaper, and wall decals. This is because of wanting an integral number of repeats on various widths, and the difference in use. Some fabric patterns are simply too small to make good wallpaper.

Here is an example of how the wall decals print:

Blue and Green Abstract fabric wall decal from Gingezel