Beige always works

Somehow there are never enough designs in The Beige Standard Collection, and I end up adding more. This is because I love beige both for fashion and decor. The new additions are richer, more shaded contemporary tiled patterns with a couple traditional designs as well. I have been expanding the range of beiges as well to include both more pinky tones and some that move closer to taupe.

Stack of Fabric from The Beige Standard Collection at Gingezel with pink tones.
Beige floral skirt ensemble with fabric from The Beige Standard Collection by Gingezel
Stack of assorted beige fabric from The Beige Standard Collection at Gingezel. Read More...

Perfect in Plum Revisited

We have released a new group of designs in the Gingezel Perfect In Plum Collection. These are in slightly softer shades with a moonlight silver introduced.

Third stack of coordinating fabric from the Gingezel Perfect in Plum Fabric collection. Read More...

Wallpaper and Decals

You may have noticed that our banner has changed to include wallpaper and decals. We have been designing wallpaper since, well actually before, the launch of wallpaper at Spoonflower. And we had the best of intentions of featuring it on a Gingezel Decor site. Then we got busy publishing sci fi novels, and focusing on art, and creating new designs. Adding a new website has really dropped on our priority list.

So, you will slowly see our wallpaper designs appearing here along with fabric. At the moment there are 398 designs. Here is a sample:

Blue Generative Art Wallpaper by Gingezel

Little Black and White Dress

There are some really great summer dresses out there in black and white, including polka dots. So I couldn't resist seeing how the Gingezel Black and White Half Diamond fabric would look. So I went into DAZ 3D, and put it on the model Vi I created. Personally, I think the diamonds and stripes give it a little extra, but then I'm prejudiced. :-)

Fashion idea for Gingezel Black Plus fabric. Vi in a little black dress. Simulation created in DAZ 3D

Gingezel Runway

I have discovered another fascinating thing to do with my fabric designs, explore how they look on photorealistic 3D models. It gives me a better idea of what can be done with the designs.
Tammy wearing a full length dress in the pattern Blue Digital Mosaic from Gingezel Fabric. Image created in DAZ Read More...